Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cake decorations are also known as wedding cake toppers. Although, beyond that, they also include any accessories used to beautify wedding cakes.

When you try to imagine a wedding cake toppers it’s usually a love symbol like birds, bells or a bride and a groom sculpture. Although the tradition of cakes started quite different. The history of wedding cakes go back to the Roman Empire, it was nothing like cakes as we know today. Instead, wedding cakes were just unsweetened loaves of bread which were crumbled over the bride’s head for good luck and good marriage.

 Wedding cake toppers as we know them haven't been around all that long either. Wedding toppers became a trend with the middle class and affluent American people before the American Civil War. The first original wedding cake toppers weren't something extravagant. Cakes were decorated with simple things like bells, flowers, or other small things related to the couple. Usually, these toppers were handmade by a family member or professional wedding cake bakers. The popularity of wedding toppers grew after World War I, the U.S. adopted the practice of using figurines of the bride and groom atop the wedding cake.

When wedding toppers became popular the most popular figures were of the bride and groom in formal attire, with the bride in a white dress with a veil, and the groom in a black suit. Today, you can choose a different style and material wedding toppers. Like edible icing toppers, made from wood, metal or ceramics.

What does a wedding cake toppers symbolise?

The original message is that wedding cake toppers represent togetherness and reflects the features and characters of the couple. 

Also, the wedding cake ornament puts a finishing touch to a wedding cake and reflects the couple’s passion  It also helps to infuse personality in the midst of all the fad.

What size should wedding cake toppers be?

The exact size of your cake toppers will depend on the size of your cake. On average they should be no taller than six inches and no wider than four inches so that they are complementary and in proportion to the overall cake

Why you should consider having a ceramic wedding cake toppers?

Ceramic ornaments easily match with any type of wedding cakes like white and classical, colourful with many details or naked wedding cakes.

Also, ceramic wedding cake toppers after the wedding become a beautiful house decoration which reminds the couple their beautiful day. In addition, it is a wedding detail which can go from generation to generation and it would be a beautiful pre-wedding gift for your kids. 

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