Minimalistic Home Decor Ideas

If you are searching for a design style for your home which easily blends comfort with functionality, you can stop searching. You need “cosy minimalism” this interior look is steadily becoming one of the most popular aesthetics and it is not hard to see why people are falling in love with it.

We have outlined why this look works as good as it does, including a few pointers on how you can pull this look together as well.

Paint your walls bright colour

When you think of minimalistic decor, white or grey walls probably first come to mind. While white colour absolutely works the best, most light colours will work as well. Why you should do that? Bright colours immediately attract more natural light to the room and make it seem more significant. When you live in a small apartment or a house white colour also help your home to look more spacious. 

Create a functional base

When you build a cosy minimalist design, it is absolutely key to make functionality the star. You can do this by building the space around your furniture. If you are for example designing a bedroom, let the bed be the main point without much else to distract the eye. The key is to let the rest of your design elements play a supporting role to this specific furniture, rather than stealing the whole attention away. Keep it simple for the beginning and you will have plenty of time to focus on detailed additions later.

Don’t skip accessories

Accessories are the best way to add interesting cosiness to the minimalistic room. An accessory is basically anything that adds aesthetic value to a room. Sometimes it can additionally serve some sort of functional purpose, although not always. Here are a few examples: 

  • Pillows and blankets;
  • Wall art and mirrors;
  • Openwork fruit bowls;
  • Books;
  • Candle holders;
  • Picture frames;
  • Plants, and vases;

Adding in details is all about providing variety while preserving balance. You want to add in enough of these accessories so that the room feels designed. Although, at the same time, your space shouldn’t feel too cluttered. Everything has to be balanced.

A Wall Mirror

Hanging a mirror on the wall is the perfect minimalist addition. First of all, a mirror is something you can use regularly and it brings functionality. Even better, it will give the illusion that your small home is larger than it actually is.


Different type of textures like rugs, blankets and pillowcases brings cosiness to space and it can be your unique detail of the room. 


The light at your home is crucial as well and you have to think not only how your home looks during day time, but also how it looks during the dark period of the day. Placing several unique and warm coloured lights can bring a comfy feeling. Also, a great idea to consider openwork candle holders because when you light the candle in it the whole room will be painted in mosaic. This exclusive detail will transform your room into another style. 

Use Simple Picture Frames

When hanging photos or paintings on your wall, it is best to use simple picture frames such as black or white. That’s because bright colours and patterned frames can be too distracting. Also, hang pictures in just one corner or section of the wall in a symmetrical formation. It would look clean and tidy. 

Ceramic details

Many people make mistakes that they buy only minimalistic looking furniture, usually white, black or grey colour and after decoring the whole house the place doesn’t feel homy and hospitable. That’s where ceramic details come in handy, you can see how handmade ceramic artwork radiates the warmth to the home. You just need to place a stylised sculpture, plate, wax warmer or candle holder on the middle of the table and it will brighten your house in a different way.  


Whether you’re just starting the building process or your small house already feels like complete, it’s not too late to focus on minimalism. The home decor ideas will give your home a tranquil vibe and make it seem far more spacious than it actually is. To make your home more spacious choose bright wall paint, hang a mirror and focus on the biggest furniture in the room. Also, the most important thing is to make your home comfortable and cosy so don’t skip accessories, choose warm lightning and consider implementing ceramic details at your house. 



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