Everything You Should Know About Candle Holders | Quick Guide!

Everything You Should Know About Candle Holders | Quick Guide!

About to bring candle holders for decoration? Read our detailed guide where you can find every info that you can think related to candle holders! Candle holder is an essential for any kind of home. Bring coziness into your room with ceramic candle holder. Make your home fell like home again!

When you light candles, it creates a soothing, romantic and brightening ambiance in your surroundings. But with all the powers of creating such a majestic and romantic atmosphere, it can make you face a messy and disastrous situation.

But thanks to the invention of candle holders that doesn’t let a candle mess to the placed surfaces.

It also puts a barrier to uncertain disastrous situations to happen by supporting a candle to stand stably at one place.

That’s a must-have essential that every candle lover should acquire!

Love candles? Want to know what candle holders are and why candle holders are essential to have?

Below, we’ve curated a brief guide that answers all the above-mentioned questions and provides you with more information that you need to know about candle holders!

What is a Candle Holder?

What’s a candle holder? It’s a candle holding tool that stops 2 things to happen:

  • No one likes to clean the unwanted melted candle residue, RIGHT? It’s the perfect solution to end that hassle.
  • No matter which style or size of candle you use, it holds and supports the candle that stops the chances of falling which is the major cause of uncertain fire accidents.

Why Use a Candle Holder?

Love candles? So, do us! Candles add warmth and ambience in your spaces wherever you lit them up. It is used for decoration purposes that creates a relaxing and romantic effect that turns on moods for sure.

But you can’t light a candle anyway!

Lighting a candle without a candle holder is an inappropriate, messy and incomplete way.

Because lightening a candle on a surface without a holder spreads a mess and chances of disaster come hand in hand.

And just because of this, using a candle holder is important. When you light the candle, it holds, supports and helps to stand at one place.

Candle Holder Types

Candles come in all sizes and styles such as small, medium, large, flat, floating and tall, etc. they cannot fit into a certain type of candle holder. Due to this, there are different types of candle holders that are made to hold certain types of candle holders. Following are the 7 common types of holders:

     1.Candle Chandeliers

Candle Chandeliers are often used to enhance the beauty of popular candle holders. These lights are made up of metal or glass material that is finely crafted.
The design of the chandelier is often inspired by traditional designs that have graced homes for centuries. Chandeliers are available in different shapes, styles and colors that can be matched with the decor of your house.



Lanterns are a type of candle holder that is typically made from metal or glass. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are usually made of metal and have a chimney around it.

    3.Hurricane Lamp

It’s another type of candle holder from which you can see-through the candle easily. In the middle of the lamp, it contains a space to place the candle. It is usually made up from a see-through glass shell and ceramic or metallic base.


The word Candelabras is a blend of two words: Candle and Umbrella. This type of holder originated in ancient Greece. It refers to a candle holder that can hold many candles by using a common base for the candle like an umbrella.

    5.Tea Light Candle Holder

Tea light candle holders are made of glass, colored or designed glass and ceramics that are designed to hold small sizes of candles. Such types of candles are in the North American tradition.

    6.Taper Candle Holders

It is a type of candle holder that is designed to hold a tapered candle. They are often made from metal or glass and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Such holders are cylindrical in shape that are often used in homes, dinner tables or restaurants to create a decorative and mood lightening effect.

    7.Votive Candle Holders

A votive candle holder is a small cup-like object used to hold short votive candles. In the middle of such holders, you can place your candle to burn. These holders are usually made up from materials such as metal, glass, ceramic, wood or plastic.

The walls of such holders are decorative such as glass walls through which you can see the burning candle or metal or clay walls that contain holes of different shapes through which the light of the burning candle passes through.

Where You Can Use Candle Holders?

But where can we use candle holders? Are you thinking the same? We think the same and here is the answer: Wherever you lit candles, you will use candle holders there too!

No matter if you lit candles in your bathroom, bedroom, on the dining table, living room, terrace, garden or on any special occasion, you will use candle holders to hold your candles so you don’t have to clean melted candle spills and disastrous fire accidents.

5 Benefits Of Using a Candle Holder

Of course, there are a lot more benefits if using candle holders but here we are, the 5 benefits that we liked the most:

  • No More Hassle of Cleaning Melted Wax Spills

Loving candle has its own place in our heart. But hating to clean up the melted wax spill is the reality that we all don’t want to face. Using a candle holder stops the melted candle wax from getting all over the surface that saves you from cleaning awful mess.

  • Get that Support

Candles are light in weight that makes them fall. A slight touch or windy gust can make it fall on the floor easily. Candle holders provide support to your candle and make it stand at its place.

  • Puts an End To Possible Disastrous that Cause Fire Accidents

If candles are not lit up with candle holders, it can lead to unwanted disasters fire accidents.

Using a candle holder is a precaution that secures and holds your candles at one place that stops the chances of any harmful fire accident to happen. 

  • Decorate Your Home or Events At Low Cost

Candle holders come up with simplicity or various decorations. You can pair them up with your favorite candles that you use to decor your home or events at low cost.

  • Gives Height & Different Lightning Effect To The Environment

As candle holders come in different designs and sizes, using them can provide height to your candles and different lightning effects to your environment.

Candle Holders In a Nutshell

Candle holders provide the missing support to your candles to stand firmly. These are a simple yet excellent invention that every candle lover should know.

While giving you the perfect and cost affection decoration solution, it prevents you from cleaning messy wax spills. It will also save you and the people in your surroundings from uncertain fire disasters.


FAQ’s: Get Your Answers, Here!

Q1: Why is it not safe to light a candle with a candle holder?

A: As candles are light in weight, a soft touch or gust can drop it down from its place that can cause a harmful fire accident. Using a candle holder can give the right support that makes it stand firmly that stops such fire accidents from happening.


Q2: What will happen if I don’t use a candle holder?

A: Your candle will drop down from its surface easily, the chances of disastrous accidents will become higher and finally, you’ll have to face and clean the messy wax spills.


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